Absent Presence is driven by a wide range of dynamics, from the sensuous to rigorous and by sudden shifts between bold actions and silence.

The work embraces the coexistence and complementarity of apparent opposites within our reality: the tangible and non-tangible, presence and absence, form and formlessness, closeness and distance.
Tender and soft bodies rooted in intuition and instinct act with fierce clarity in intention.
Gestures and movements piercing with their immediacy through space and time, connecting inner and outer – self and the other.

Choreography and dance: Laurel Jenkins, Bettina Neuhaus
Light: Asier Solana
Video: Elma Rizza
Premiered as part of the ‘Short Residency’ at Improvisation Xchange Berlin, platform and festival for improvised performance, August 9, 2014
Absent Presence is a work in progress as part of the festival residency
Supported by Improvisation Xchange Berlin
Photos: stills of video by Elma Rizza

Watch it on Vimeo