www.alongthelines.net is a bilingual web version of the lecture/performance Along the Lines, an ongoing artistic project conceived and developed by us, Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus. We have been presenting Along the Lines since 2015 in various contexts.

As in the live lecture/ performance, in the web version www.alongthelines.net we invite visitors to journey into the complex interconnected relationships within post-Judson dance, and explore for themselves the richness and diversity of this small, yet fertile area of dance.

We envision the web version as analogous to the experience of being physically present in space and time, giving the visitor similar possibilities of following both predetermined routes through the material, as well as journeys determined by their own interests. The latter would more closely reflect the multi-directional nature of the connections that are at the core of the way these relationships exist in reality. The material we present gives access to many of the aims, concepts, principles and work methods that constitute the foundations of this experimental and revolutionary form of dance.

Artistic concept and development of content and design: Eva Karczag, Bettina Neuhaus
Producer: Katlan Csoport Közhasznú Kulturális Egyesület
Manager: Veronika Sifter

www.alongthelines.net has been supported by Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma (Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary) and Katlan Csoport Közhasznú Kulturális Egyesület.

Photo: Luca_S