Over the past twenty years I have sometimes been invited to write about particular aspects of my artistic work. My desire to discover more about the artistic and pedagogic vision that underlies the Skinner Releasing Technique inspired me to interview Joan Skinner (1923-2021).

Writing has become an opportunity to reflect upon my experiences and to give my understanding of the work an additional voice to be shared.
Enjoy reading!

Becoming the Dancing

A self-interview about the role of Skinner Releasing Technique within my artistic practice written for the very 1st book about SRT: "Skinner Releasing Technique - A Movement and Dance Practice"; edited by: Manny Emslie, Triarchy Press 2021 - Read an excerpt.

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4 Tree Scores for a Woodland Walk

These 4 scores emerged during my ongoing outdoor practice ArboReal and can be done in any forest, park or green space. To enjoy them fully please read the attached practical information beforehand.


On the intelligence of the material

Mira Hirtz talks to Bettina Neuhaus, as part of "#two – not the frames, but the things", August 2015


The Kinaesthetic Imagination

an interview with Joan Skinner – Contact Quartely 2010


L’imagination kinesthésique

Une conversation avec Joan Skinner, as part of "De l'une à l'autre. Composer, apprendre et partager en mouvements", Contredanse 2010


Instant Composition

as part of "Score and improvisation", Dance Laboratory March 2000, Contact Quartely Winter/Spring 2003