Brizna magnifies different ways of how we perceive and experience our relationship with the phenomenon of time.

Within a poetic universe of sound, movement and image amplify our journey as travellers through the eternal continuum of time and our inevitable destiny to surrender to change and transformation.

Choreography and dance: Marisol Salinas, Bettina Neuhaus
Music: Germán Lema
Video: Gabriella Zuccolilo
Light: Alberto Castillo
Technique: Esteban Cristaldo
Premiered at Local Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, Asuncíon, October 1,2, 2010
Supported by Secretariá Nacional de Cultura, Instituto Superior Bellas Artes, Asuncíon
Further Performances: Casa Argentina, Asuncion October 8, 2010
Photos: Gabriella Zuccolilo