Critical Response ProcessSM (CRP) is a feedback method developed by American choreographer, performer and educator Liz Lerman. I trained to facilitate CRP and have guided sessions for artists and students in various contexts.

A supportive and inclusive environment enhances informed dialogue and inquiry and gives artists an active role in the critique of their work. They can then find the solutions inherent to their own creative process and vision and return strengthened to their work.

The process can be used with work at any stage of its development.

A structure of 4 core steps gives the artist and the invited audience the opportunity to ask and receive neutral and meaningful questions and share responses and articulate opinions.

Gaining skills in asking valuable questions, putting judgements and assumptions aside and engaging in the art making process are essential benefits of this method. Beyond its application in the arts, CRP provides a fruitful approach for all kinds of feedback conversations within education, work, collaboration and community. For more information Critical Response ProcessSM.

If you are interested in the CRP and would like to discuss how it could serve your situation I’m very happy to talk about what it could bring to you.