How we are connected in different ways
How we respond to each other
How we affect and are affected by each other

cumulUS is a radical and precise work about communication, participation and transformation as embodied processes, which challenges the binary between sender and receiver, between active and passive, and maybe even between self and other.
Exploring these modes of interaction cumulUS becomes a strong plea for an alternative model of social coexistence. ( ….)

The title of the work refers to cumulus clouds. Clouds are amorphous motile structures which trigger our perception into acts of imagination and creativity, transforming an observer into composer of his/her own composition. They are a perfect poetic juxtaposition for the durational, process-oriented project of Nagao and Neuhaus, which enfolds in a series of installative performances, exploring ecologies of senses and sensing, participation, imagination and time.
Jagna Anderson, 2018

Performative installation
Concept and dance: Akemi Nagao, Bettina Neuhaus
Outside eyes: Jagna Anderson
Video: Saskia Habermann
Sound for video: Michael Tuttle
Premiered at Mime Centrum Berlin, May 13, 2017
Further performances at DADA POST, August, 26, 2017 as part of Transitions Ep. 4: Beyond the pale, Berlin curated by Sheena Malone.
And as part of Perspectives of time, October 28 &29, 2017, Urbanraum Berlin, curated by Elma Riza and Mireia Aragones.
Photos: Elma Rizza, Ellen van der Kooij

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