Divine Plan Healing is a 6-week healing process and a transformational journey in which the Emerald Heart Light propels and supports us in our process of healing and growth.

After my attunement and training as a practitioner at the Divine Plan Healing School in Amsterdam in 2014, I certified as a Divine Plan Healing Advanced Practitioner in 2020 (www.divineplanhealing.academy).

Divine Plan Healing is not affiliated to any religion, nor is it a religion in itself.

How can Divine Plan Healing help us?

Divine Plan Healing can support us on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels with issues such as:

  • Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, inner struggle, fragility
  • Internal pressure, unrest or lethargy
  • Feeling disconnected from ourselves or others
  • Help with manifesting our talents, gifts, inner resources
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Phases of personal transformation, upheaval and challenge
  • Specific events such as an examination, a wedding, a job interview, surgery or a funeral
  • Injuries, illness
  • Spiritual growth

A Divine Plan Healing session is most often given in a one-to-one situation. However, it can also be received by a group of people (such as a family, a group of friends or colleagues) where each participant simultaneously receives a personal healing.  

All Divine Plan Healing sessions can be given at a distance and can be received wherever you are in the world.

How does the Emerald Heart Light work?

The Emerald Heart Light is a spiritual light coming directly from The Source.
This extremely high vibrational frequency is a form of consciousness that gently opens our heart to discover and embrace more fully who we are. By letting us see more clearly our passions, talents and gifts and clearing what is in the way of living our full potential, The Light reveals our individual unique blue print, our divine plan.
In a Divine Plan Healing session the healing wisdom and love of Maria Magdalene also come into play. This Divine feminine energy connects us on a deeper level to our feminine qualities, which are present in both men and women, and supports us in giving them a stronger presence in our life.
This nurturing energy also strengthens our connection with nature and mother earth.  

Goddess of Light Essence

Unique to Divine Plan Healing is the Goddess of Light Essence which maintains and deepens the healing for 6 weeks. The essence contains the vibration of the Emerald Heart Light together with the Divine Feminine healing frequencies.

By taking the essence 3 times a day over the following weeks you keep bathing in The Light and allow it to continue clearing and resolving issues around the chosen target.

Receiving a Divine Plan Healing session

Step 1 - Booking a Divine Plan Healing session
To book a Divine Plan Healing session send me an email. I get back to you and we set the date and time you wish to receive your healing session.
I send you by post the Goddess of Light Essence.
As a preparation for your Divine Plan Healing session think about the area and target you want it to focus on. Choosing a specific healing subject channels our consciousness and gives direction to our intention.

Step 2 - The initial healing session
On the agreed date and time, we define in a 10-15min talk by phone, Zoom or Skype your personal target for the healing. We also make an appointment for a short feedback session in 4 weeks to reflect on your process and progress.
Once we have finished the talk you lie down comfortably in a quiet place to receive your Divine Plan Healing session. You might enter a deep, very relaxed state similar to sleep.
During this initial session, that takes about 45-70min, I channel the spiritual light through your body. From this moment the Emerald Heart Light and the energy of Mary Magdalene start working in your heart and consciousness and the healing process begins.

Step 3 - Goddess of Light Essence
After the healing session take 3 drops of your Goddess of Light Essence in a glass of water. Take the essence 3 times a day over the following 4 weeks in order to continue the healing process.

Keeping a journal
By keeping a journal and capturing changes and observations during this time you anchor your process and expand your consciousness.

Step 4 - Reviewing the healing process
After 4 weeks we have another 10min consultation via phone, Zoom or Skype on the agreed date and time. This talk serves to discuss your experience and the effects of your Divine Plan Healing session and to check whether you wish a follow-up healing session.


Free call
A first 20min call to explore your questions and needs is available free of charge without further obligation.

Individual Healing: € 125,- including

  • preliminary talk of 10min and help with defining your healing target if needed
  • one-hour healing session
  • Goddess of Light Essence (10ml) at € 25,51 and postage in NL / EU
  • follow up talk of 10min after 4 weeks by phone, zoom or skype

Event Healing: € 80,- including

  • preliminary talk of 10min and help with defining your healing target if needed
  • one-hour event healing session
  • follow up talk of 10min after the event has taken place by phone, zoom or skype

Group Healing: € 25,- per participant including

  • instructions about how to prepare and receive the healing light
  • optional: a Goddess of Light Essence (10ml) at € 25,51 + postage in NL

The Goddess of Light Essence (10ml bottle) contains the healing vibration of the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Feminine healing frequencies

  • Water and approximately 30% alcohol for preservation.
  • Available also as non-alcoholic version if preferred

The Goddess of Light Essence doesn’t interfere with homeopathy or any other medication.

Working hours
I work on an appointment basis.

After you’ve booked your Divine Plan Healing session you will receive an invoice.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, I request a minimum of 48 hours notice.  Please inform me by sending me an email. In case of cancellation up to 48 hours before the agreed appointment, no costs will be charged. In case of later cancellation up to 24 hours and force majeure or serious circumstances do not apply 50% of the fee will be charged.  Less than 24 hours notice or when no cancellation is made 100% of the fee will be charged.
These conditions also apply if the appointment is rescheduled at the request of the client later than 48 hours before the appointment and force majeure or serious circumstances do not apply.

I work in German, English, Dutch and French.

My healing sessions are currently not reimbursed by health insurance companies.

Please note: A Divine Plan Healing session cannot replace a visit to a doctor or alternative therapist and their diagnosis and medication. I am not a doctor or alternative practitioner. I do not make any diagnoses or guarantee of healing. Current conventional medical therapies should not be interrupted. The method isn’t designed for people with mental illness.

Means of communication

To arrange appointments I use e-mail, and preferably not Messenger, WhatsApp or text-messages. Furthermore, I use e-mail to exchange information with you. This might concern a treatment plan, advice, your experiences, any questions and other relevant matters. No use is made of additional encryption in our e-mail exchanges, unless you wish so and inform me about this in writing.

Privacy rules

Alternative therapy practitioners, like all other healthcare providers, have to follow a specific set of rules when treating clients. For a good treatment it is necessary and it is also my legal duty (WGBO) to create a file for you. This I do via an electronic dossier.  File keeping of a client’s initial condition and subsequent progress is necessary to keep track of how the treatments you are receiving are helping, as well as supporting communication with other healthcare practitioners where appropriate.
Your file contains notes that include your state of health at a physical, emotional and mental level as you indicated during the initial interview along with information about the treatments given during the initial and follow-up visits. Other information may also include names and contact numbers of other therapists you might be working with and with whom I might need to communicate.
I have a legal obligation of confidentiality (professional secrecy) and do my best to guarantee the privacy of your information. This means that I alone handle your personal and medical data and make sure that unauthorised persons do not have access to it.
The data from your file may also be used for the following purposes:

  • To inform other health care providers, for example when the therapy is completed or in case of a referral to another practitioner. This only happens with your explicit  authorisation.
  • For anonymized use during peer review.
  • A small part of the data is used for the financial administration and the preparation of the invoice.

Client’s files are kept, as required by law, for a period of up to 20 years.


I support you with the utmost care. Should you nevertheless have any complaints or be dissatisfied, I invite you to share this with me. If you are unable or unwilling to discuss the complaint with me personally or we are unable to resolve it together, then you can ask for the assistance of a complaints adviser through my professional association the Dispute Authority for Alternative Therapists (GAT). GAT is a state-approved and fully independent Wkkgz dispute committee. For more information about my complaints procedure see: https://gatgeschillen.nl.

If you wish to learn more about Divine Plan Healing please visit

Professional standards and ethics

I am a registered member of the CAT (Collectief Alternatieve Therapeuten), a Dutch professional organization for alternative therapists.

As a therapist, I am subject to the Wkkgz complaint and disciplinary regulations by the Dispute Authority for Alternative Therapists (GAT). GAT is a state-approved and fully independent Wkkgz dispute committee. More information about my complaints procedure. As a therapist I work according to the guidelines of the GAT professional code.