Performance Work:


Moved By Space
Schwarzer Schwan
Dancing Images

When making performance work I am interested in the combination of the different disciplines such as dance, text, live music, light and visual art, where the diverse languages can dialogue to develop together the specific universe of a piece.
I wish for each language to express itself by its own specific nature while contributing to the whole.
My aim is that the spectator perceives and experiences the core of the piece through different senses.
As the kinaesthetic aspect of dancing and performing dancing is of great importance to me, I approach music and sound not only in relation to their auditive information, and light and image not only in relation to their visual information, but I am also interested in how music, light and image can be read as kinaesthetic information.

I have also developed diverse interdisciplinary work and projects with colleagues from other work fields such as architects and filmmakers. These projects focus on dance research and/or on creating work other than dance - for example a documentary. These collaborations have been of great inspiration and enrichment in giving my work a larger context in the world.