Refreshing Thoughts and Instant Memories
(aspro ital.): sour, sharp, bitter, harsh, pungent

Refreshing Thoughts and Instant Memories
A piece by Bettina Neuhaus and Marisa Grande

"My teeth do only one move, one sharp bite. One clear decision is killing all other possibilities - then there is no going back anymore. No time for thinking, naming, for liking or denying.
A sudden and immediate explosion of unknown flavour, a taste that invades my mouth in no time."

ASPRO is an instantly composed dialogue between dance, music, images and light. The piece gives a physical impression, a kinaesthetic experience of an intense flavour from which "moving images" and "stories" take shape, inviting the spectator to open up his own imagination. The instantly composed images meet the spectator in his intuitive way of watching, allowing him to participate in his own kinaesthetic experience.


Concept and Dance: Marisa Grande & Bettina Neuhaus
Film and Video: Raúl Fernandez Anderson
Upright bass / Electronics: Cristin Wildbolz
Light: Ellen Knops
Duration: 50 min
Engis 2005, Co-production with the Centre Culturel Engis, Belgium

Amsterdam, 2004, Muiderpoort Theater
Guitar and electronics: Aart-Jan-Schakenbos