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Dancing Images
Dancing Images

Dancing Images

A dance research project directed by Bettina Neuhaus and Marisa Grande

September – October 2006, Amsterdam

“DANCING IMAGES" is a research project, which focuses on our natural capacity to perceive and meet the world in images, and how to use this capacity for dancing and composing.
We practice movement while focusing on specific aspects of our physicality in order to unlock and unravel the images that are contained in our body.
We investigate the process of how an image triggers movement and how movement evokes images.
Becoming more aware of this dynamic dialogue between movement and image will inspire and sharpen our compositional choices. During the project participants are guided to make an individual "body print" consisting of different shapes, colours, words and textures - as a visual expression of how we perceive and imagine within our body.
These "body prints" are used as a guideline to develop different compositional material, which will form a "score". Based on that we develop a final presentation that will be shared with an invited audience”.
Bettina Neuhaus and Marisa Grande

”Dancing Images” takes place over a series of 3 weekends.
The project is open to professional and non-professional dancers and movers with previous experience in improvisation and with an interest in developing their dance and compositional skills within an intensive work process.
The project will take place for the first time in September and October 2006 in Amsterdam.
Concept and Direction: Bettina Neuhaus, Marisa Grande

Registration before 1st September 2006!
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