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Moved By Space
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Moved By Space - Ruimtelijk Bewogen
An educational movement project for architects, designers and students about the relationship between body, movement and space.


'Moved By Space' is a collaboration project between dancer Bettina Neuhaus, architect Daniëlle Freriks and photographer Ellen v.d. Kooij. This educational project is inspired by the vivid interrelationship between the moveable body and different architectural spaces. It examines how a more physical experience of these spaces changes the way of developing architectural concepts.

The project explores the human body with its three-dimensionality, its kinesphere (personal space) and its perception of the identity of an outer space. This space is defined by aspects such as scale, texture, layers and borders. Here the process focuses on experiencing a space not only by the visual sense but also by other senses. Based on that participants experience the dynamic relationship between their body, their movement and the given space.
The physical experience of this workshop forms the starting point for an individual translation into a form study that each participant will realize.

Concept and realization: Bettina Neuhaus, Daniëlle Freriks, Ellen v.d. Kooij

A booklet in Dutch with photo illustrations and a detailed description of the project is available.

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Download an excerpt of the booklet including photos:
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Download some experts (text version):
· Fascination - Fascinatie (18 kb, pdf)
· Workshop (33 kb, pdf )
· The Teachers - De Docenten (37kb, pdf)

See the front cover and the back cover of the booklet
Gallery "licht en donker" and "fascinatie"