A solo choreographed by Deborah Hay as part of the Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2006, Scotland

Dance and Adaptation: Bettina Neuhaus

NEWS is a kaleidoscope full of transformation and surprise. It is a solo that plays with the communication between time, space, the performer's body and the audience.
NEWS invites us to laugh at our own seriousness and challenges our assumptions about 'dance'.
NEWS doesn't look for answers, statements or direction - rather it simply exists in its being and opens to the moment. NEWS allows the intelligence of the body to speak and direct and brings us to unexpected places.
NEWS fascinates by its simplicity and the multilayered nature of moment.

Choreography: Deborah Hay
Performance and Adaptation: Bettina Neuhaus
Duration: +/- 25 min
Costume: Mona Veld
Light: Ellen Knops

With the support of Gill Clarke (Independent Dance, London, UK), Bodysurf, Scotland and all patrons from 12 countries, that have supported the SPCP financially.

NEWS will be presented for the first time in autumn 2007 in Holland.