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Schwarzer Schwan
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Schwarzer Schwan

A film about Erna Morena by Bettina Neuhaus and Natasja Giebels

'Schwarzer Schwan' is a poetic film portrait about Erna Morena (1885-1951), one of the celebrated actresses in the German silent film industry in the twenties.
Fascinated by anecdotes and photographs of this remarkable, expressive and beautiful film actress, Bettina Neuhaus and the Dutch sound engineer and light designer Natasja Giebels got involved in what is the life story behind this touching and eloquent face that we see today on old film programs, photo books and post cards?
'Schwarzer Schwan' is a journey back in time, into the life story and personality of Erna Morena, into the time at the beginning of the last century and the beginning of German film. It also deals with the questions: what is left in the world after a lived life? What do we remember and how do we deal with the gaps in our memory?


Concept and realization: Bettina Neuhaus and Natasja Giebels
'Schwarzer Schwan' will be presented in the beginning of 2006 in Germany.