Approach to Dance

I teach dance as a language - a language of a kinaesthetic art. (kinein = to move, aethesis = to perceive). It is a language spoken by the moving body, living in the continuum of space and time.
As with any other language, dance gives us the possibility to express ourselves and to communicate with the outside world.
It is our natural desire to give clear intention, articulation and nuances to what we want to communicate. To fulfil this we do not only need to posses a vocabulary and to master the syntax of dancing but we also need to be able to direct our intention and to listen to what we say.

By tuning and refining the tangible body with its architecture, mechanics, movement possibilities and imagination we find the availability to communicate via fully embodied dancing.
A dancing expressed by a dynamic physicality through which the non-tangible such as poetry, atmosphere and story is invited to appear in our movement.