Instant Composition

Instant Composition is the art of composing in the moment. In contrast to a set choreography where the process of decision making happens by developing and polishing the material for many weeks in the studio, an improvised piece demands a different way of working: Here the dancer has to create, compose and perform all at the same time in the performing situation on stage.
An instant composition can be completely open, or be predefined by developing a common language between the performers, or by agreeing on a score. But every time the piece is performed in a very new way.
Instant Composition as a way of performing asks of the dancer a specific presence and availability, as well as a high degree of commitment and responsibility. The performer's body and mind need to be specifically tuned for perception, imagination, intuition, inhibition and action. At the same time one must be able to constantly read and respond to one's body, the other dancers and the composition itself, including all its different layers. These seemingly elusive qualities are actually skills that can be learned through specific training and practice. In any mode of dancing there are two elements: the concrete movement material, which demands certain physical abilities to perform it; and the form and structure in which the material is set and composed. The dialogue between these components forms the core of any dance.
My approach to Instant Composition focuses on establishing technical skills as well as compositional abilities and on experiencing their strong interrelationship in the practical work.