Technical Skills

When teaching Instant Composition I start from explorative work that zooms into the tangible body and its physiology. I focus on exploring different body systems like the skin, the soft tissues or the bones and experiencing how their specific role in the body can inspire our dance and lead to specific movement material.

Exploration of the architecture, function and movement qualities of specific body parts (like the spine, the hip joints, the torso, the pelvis or the extremities) refines our movement capacities and improves our skills.
Specific exercises stimulate coordination, kinaesthetic awareness and the different senses in order to open up the creative body as a rich source for dancing.
In addition to the anatomy of the body, the technical work explores the dancer's relationship with space, floor and environmental factors such as gravity. Working on different ways of rolling, sliding and being on or off the floor gives clear physical feedback and clarifies the dancer's spatial intention.