Skinner Releasing

Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT), is a dance technique developed by Joan Skinner that facilitates a deeper kinaesthetic experience of movement. It is recognized as a significant way to experience the creative self through movement and dance while integrating the body-mind.
SRT is based on the simple principle that when our bodies are releasing tension and habitual holding patterns something new can emerge.

Guided poetic imagery is used as metaphor for kinaesthetic experience of movement. The images are interwoven with specific music, tapping into the individual's imagination to trigger spontaneous improvised movement.
Other parts of class involve hands-on partner studies where students can feel their body letting go of holding and tension patterns. SRT facilitates a deeper awareness, greater freedom of movement and multidirectional alignment. At the same time one finds effortlessness, strength and flexibility.

SRT can be beneficial to professional dancers, actors, musicians and artists of all kinds, to people recovering from injuries as well as anyone else. It is also an excellent preparation to enter any improvisational and compositional work.

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