Compositional Work

The compositional work focuses on developing specific skills to compose with. The work identifies and explores the different layers of composition such as use of space, phrasing, rhythm, timing, atmosphere, dramaturgy and story.
By practicing Instant Composition in different configurations one develops the ability to read other dancers, the specific compositional situation, as well as one's own body while dancing. Here lies the challenge to coordinate sensing and making sense with compositional activity: to be quick enough in tasting and reading what is being made - and making clear decisions while dancing.
Watching others and being watched while dancing provides insight into the different perspectives of dancer and audience. Here one can train one's ability to read a composition from the inside, as well as from the outside.

During the last couple of years I have developed workshops and projects in Instant Composition for example focusing on specific subjects such as:

Time Perception - Space Perception - Body and Voice - Musicality in Dance - Dialogue through Sensing: the Action of Touch - Skin & Bones: Body Textures - Moving Dialogues: Partnering Work - Score and Improvisation