My pedagogical approach to dance is mainly shaped by my long experience in teaching Instant Composition, a training that focuses on the development of the dancer's technical and compositional skills as tools to compose instantly by improvising.

Since 2004 I also give workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique™, an approach to dance that can be seen as an experiential practice of kinaesthetic training that is based on the power of poetic imagery as a key to deeper kinaesthetic experience of movement.
Both approaches - Instant Composition and Skinner Releasing Technique™ can be practised independently as self-contained modes of dance training. At the same time they can complement and feed each other in their specific ways of developing and training the physical body/mind as well as opening the imagination and creative spirit.

In addition to Instant Composition and Skinner Releasing Technique™ I teach classes in Explorative Anatomy, Movement Research, Dance Technique, Composition and Methods for Teaching Dance and Movement.

In any teaching situation my interest lies in creating a frame in which students learn to develop their own way of working with the proposed tools, and cultivating their individual language of dance rather than learning a specific style or aesthetic.