3 SRT Ongoing Classes



Location: Bruxelles

These 3 classes of the SRT Ongoing level are for all those who have studied the 15 Introductory classes in some depth and would like to expand and deepen their practice.  

Connecting with the graduating levels of SRT pedagogy, SRT practice invites an ever-deepening exploration of the interplay of movement and imagination.
Building on the foundation of the Introductory classes, the material of the Ongoing work uses increasingly sophisticated imagery and extended transformative states. Expanding our awareness and inner listening allows dancing to unfold while experiencing the unlimited layers of self.
A class length of 3 hours allows extra time to become immersed in one’s dancing, and to close and complete sessions with writing and drawing.

For whom:
Participants should have extended experience with the material of the Introductory level and should ideally have taken all 15 Introductory classes at least twice. If you would like to participate but you are not sure about your experience or for any other questions, please send an email to anastegnar@gmail.com

Place: Studio Billie, Rue Vandeweyer 58, 1030 Bruxelles
Schedule: Fr 5 April: 18:00-21:00, Sat 6 April: 11:00-14:00, Sun 7 April: 11:00-14:00
Teaching language:
Fee: € 118,-
For booking and information: please contact Ana Stegnar anastegnar@gmail.com

© Photo: Annick Bienvenu

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