5 Morning Classes - An introduction into Skinner Releasing Technique

5 Morning Classes


Location: Berlin

Offering an introduction into the basic material of the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) this series is especially for those who are new to SRT and would like to experience it. For people who are already familiar with SRT it is an opportunity to return to the basics and deepen their practice. Be welcome!

These 5 classes are designed for professionals dancers, performers, actors and movement lovers of all levels, interested in exploring awareness, playfulness and imagination through moving.

Skinner Releasing Technique is an integrative approach to movement, dance and creative process developed by American dance artist Joan Skinner (1924-2021).
It stimulates the process of letting go of unnecessary tension, releasing new possibilities in how we perceive and how we dance. Poetic imagery and hands-on studies facilitate deep and more nuanced kinaesthetic experience of movement.
Noticing as a first step for change and allowing movement to happen are key to this practice that emphazises effortlessness, multi-directional alignment, depth, presence and freedom in movement and stillness.
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Please note:
During these 5 classes the foundational releasing principles are progressively introduced with different materials overlapping, referring back and evolving. To allow participants to immerse themselves fully in this web-like process the classes aren’t offered as drop-in format but as one course.

Dates: Mo 17 - Fri 21 April, 10:00 - 12:30, studio opens at 9:30
Address: Georg-Knorr-Straße 4 / Gebäude 10, 12681 Berlin, S-Bahnhof Marzahn
Fee: 115,- for 5 classes
Places are limited. Please sign up before April 8th, 2023
Registration: For any questions and to sign up please send an email to info@bettinaneuhaus.com
Once you have registered you will receive more practical information and details for payment.
Your registration is complete once you’ve made the payment.

© Photo: Ellen v/d Kooij

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