Along the Lines

Lecture / Performance


Location: Prague

In this lecture/performance curated by CreWcollective in Prague, Eva Karczag and Bettina Neuhaus invite the audience into an interactive encounter.
In each performance, it is the curiosity of the watchers, as well as the recognition of interests and intersections both artists have in common, that builds unique journeys through dancing and practices inspired by the Judson Dance Theater.  

We share personal narratives of seminal moments, encounters and experiences that shaped our individual histories, and were decisive in guiding the trajectory of our artistic paths. In so doing, we create a multi-directional map in the space. As constellations unfold, they reveal the multi-dimensional nature of our journeys. These took place within the historical context of post-Judson dance, and reflect our individual methodologies, both of which are rooted in our on-going engagement and practice within somatic approaches.
Photos, books, recordings and objects, placed in space, concretize different stations of our past – each being a key to a specific memory or story. Before and after the lecture, audience members can explore these in their own time.
Artists, methodologies and circumstances, referred to along the way, reveal the impact and significance of experiential, personalized and liberating approaches on artistic, educational and human growth. A mesh of connections is exposed, that has allowed inspiration and knowledge to flow between places, people and times.

Date: May 5, 2024
Time: 15.00 doors open to wander around and enjoy the installation
18.00-20.00 Lecture performance
Venue: Studio Hrdinu, Prague
Curated and facilitated by CreWcollective
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This event is funded by European Union NextGenerationEU, Czech Recovery Plan and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

© Photo by PavelD

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