Location: Pezinok

The Page, a performance of poetic writing in dance, sound and words by Roberta Legros and Bettina Neuhaus in close collaboration with sound artist Matthieu Legros at the Schaubmar Mill, Slovak National Gallery in Pezinok.


Concept, dance, voice, text: Roberta Legros, Bettina Neuhaus
Music: Matthieu Legros
Light design: Matthieu Legros
Costumes: Klára Zidková

The two performers devote themselves to the act of writing in movement, sounds and spoken words. As their actions continuously fill ‘the page’ of time and space they build together with sound artist Legros a language of poetry.

The piece and its dramaturgy develop along the compositional matrix that the dancers and the musician weave together through their individual choices. At the same time the theatrical lighting opens new spaces that become the next empty pages for the narrative.

Place: The Schaubmar Mill / Slovak National Gallery, Cajlanská 255, 902 01 Pezinok-Cajla
Ticket: adults: € 10,00; students, children, seniors: € 7,00
Please note that the capacity is limited to 13 seats
Tickets must be purchased in advance via the Tootoot platform.

A production of ORBITA z.s., CREAT STUDIO s.r.o., supported by the Slovak National Gallery and Rezi-Dance Komarice. With the financial support of the City Brno and the Ministry of Cultutre Czech Republic

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