Location: Luzern

A performance evening with dancers Gianna Grünig and Bettina Neuhaus and percussionist Julian Sartorius at Rotes Haus, Luzern.

Dance: Gianna Grünig, Bettina Neuhaus
Percussion: Julian Sartorius

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 20:00
Venue: Rotes Haus, Industriestrasse 6, Luzern
Tickets: sliding scale CHF 15,- / 20,- / 25,-

Unda (lat.): the wave, the surge, the water, the body of water, the current.

UNDA is a dance and music real-time performance by dancers Gianna Grünig and Bettina Neuhaus and drummer Julian Sartorius.
A first performance took place on February 26, 2023 in the former carpenter's workshop Geiser in Bern.

‘Rotes Haus’ in Luzern, originally used for splitting water and gas, is in a stage between 'having been' and 'becoming'.
Today it is surrounded by a building wasteland of the former gasworks site, which in the next years will be transformed into a sustainable neighborhood with the ‘Rote Haus’ as its social and cultural meeting place.
The raw architecture of the ‘Rote Haus’, the immense empty space with its reverberant acoustics as well as its boundaries of wood, stone and glass form a spatial body that becomes a habitat for dance and music and the moving encounter of movement and sound.

With the generous support of canton Luzern, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Luzern and city Luzern.

© Photo: Lotta Studer

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