I offer healing sessions using two different methods: the Intelligenz des Lebens® Heilweisen and the Divine Plan Healing.

Both approaches are unique and specific in the way they can support us on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.
The Intelligenz des Lebens Heilweisen® uses a spectrum of different transformative healing energies, Divine Plan Healing works with the spiritual Emerald Heart Light.

You may feel attracted to one or the other method. If you don’t have any preference the first consultation will indicate which of the two approaches will help your current issue and process most.

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Professional standards and ethics

I am a registered member of the CAT (Collectief Alternatieve Therapeuten), a Dutch professional organization for alternative therapists.

As a therapist, I am subject to the Wkkgz complaint and disciplinary regulations by the Dispute Authority for Alternative Therapists (GAT). GAT is a state-approved and fully independent Wkkgz dispute committee. More information about my complaints procedure. As a therapist I work according to the guidelines of the GAT professional code.