Material Self Material Other is a site-responsive interactive installation created by Vanessa Grasse and Bettina Neuhaus for one audience member at a time.

It was first developed during our residency at 4bid Gallery in Amsterdam as a response to the particular building and our felt sense of it. The work is cyclical and durational: one person is invited to spend time in the space, experience and interact on their own with the work and arrange the material elements in a new way for the next person.

All the materials used come from the building and its surrounding areas. Each new location will provide its own specific materials to respond to in making a new installation.
The work proposes an experience of our embodied connection with place, materiality and the cyclical processes of transformation, re-cycling and becoming.

Concept and direction: Vanessa Grasse, Bettina Neuhaus
Video: Ester-Eva Damen
4bid Gallery, February 4-6, 2016
Further presented at the Body ^ Space ^ Object ^ Memory ^ Identity Symposium, University Coventry, May 16, 2016