Launch of the website

Artistic concept and development of content and design: Eva Karczag, Bettina Neuhaus

In the original live lecture the material is shown as a 3-dimensional spatial map of artists, methodologies, concepts and circumstances, and demonstrates some of the complex interconnected relationships that exist within post-Judson dance, as we have experienced them.

Our aim in creating the digital web version is to make accessible to a larger audience some of these concepts and relationships. The experience of exploring the site can be seen as analogous to being physically present in space and time, as in the live version, offering similar possibilities of following both predetermined routes through the material, as well as journeys determined by the visitor’s own interests. The latter would more closely reflect the nature of the connections that are at the core of the way these relationships exist in reality.

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Producer: Katlan Csoport Közhasznú Kulturális Egyesület
Manager: Veronika Sifter

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