Swirling liveliness in a black box

What a powerful experience to encounter this group of 22 committed dancers, to feel the tremendous aliveness of all these bodies in space and to go right away into dancing and making dances.
Once again astonishing how easy and quickly information, knowledge and imagination is constantly shared between the many bodies as we run, turn, swirl, fall or jump on the rather small stage of the black box theatre. What an incredible ability of our body to move and coordinate rapidly, with razor sharp precision whilst reading the ever-changing space and proximity to all the other dancers. In each action a high degree of outward and inward listening as a way to include the other and participate in something larger.
It has been a remarkable experience that made me realize again the inestimable value of community and my big love for the dancing body.

Thank you to the whole team of Associazione Dissonanzen and to Giacomo Calabrese for having made the project possible.

Photo: Francesco Peppino Delia

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