Tending Decay

Susanna and I have we been working remotely for 2 years during the pandemic on an artistic collaboration that reflects on the absence of the physical presence of others provoked by the global situation. The generated materials comprise scores, writings, dances, videos and photography and resulted in the idea of creating TENDING DECAY an interactive installation.

This poetic space will be arranged for one visitor at a time who is invited to engage actively, experientially and sensorily with the meanings and felt sense of these two words:

To Tend: look after; care for; attend to; watch over; nurture, cherish; maintain; cultivate… tending implies time, patience, love.

Decay: decomposition; withering; falling away from; reducing of a substance to its component elements; breaking up; going to pieces; or wearing away…. decay implies ending, death.

So far, we imagine the installation designed with different atmospheric zones created by light, objects, video and audio recordings, and including a place to sit and rest comfortably, a place to read, to drink a cup of tea, to listen, to create with paper and pencils…..

We are looking forward to our shared time in the studio, to work with tangible materials and to create together a first draft of this poetic space.

On November 28, 2022 we will share a first version of TENDING DECAY to an invited audience.

© Photo: Bettina Neuhaus


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