Time with nature

In 2023 I had the opportunity to share my outdoor practice in natural environments with others in various places in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Propelled by new insights and curiosity I look forward to continuing my research in 2024 and offering further workshops.

At the moment I’m in the process of developing 4 workshops that will take place throughout the year in the woodlands of Arnhem, each exploring a different theme. More information will be soon here.

I’ll also facilitate ‘Kräfte der Natur’, a 2-day seminar in Karlsruhe in June 2024, in which participants explore their individual relationship to the earth and nature and learn concrete ways how to strengthen and deepen it.

And if you would like to bring my outdoor practice with groups to your local community or include it in an educational context, an artistic research or performance project feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to discuss ideas and possibilities of how my work can serve a particular situation.  


Photo: Bettina Neuhaus

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