Dancing with connectedness, aliveness and presence - Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT) is an integrative approach to movement, dance and creative processes developed by American dance artist Joan Skinner.

I studied SRT with Joan Skinner in Seattle (2001-2004) and I am a certified SRT teacher at both Introductory and Ongoing levels and a member of the international Skinner Releasing Network.

SRT offers a significant way to experience and empower the creative self in the act of dancing, tapping into one’s own imagination and intuition. Poetic imagery and hands-on partner studies facilitate deep and nuanced kinaesthetic experience of movement and a sense of wholeness.

Awareness, availability and allowing movement to happen are central to this experiential and process- oriented practice.

Through engaging with principles such as suppleness, economy, suspension and multi-directional alignment, one develops effortlessness, strength, presence and freedom in movement and stillness.

SRT can be beneficial for professional dancers, actors, musicians and artists of all kinds as well as for people with little or no formal dance training.

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