Swift is particularly coloured by the performer’s strong willingness to be in the body and action of the moment with accuracy and precision.

Actively engaged in their relationship with gravity, momentum, friction and inertia the bodies surrender to the unpredictable, allowing themselves to be moved by sharp and explosive qualities.  
The high speed of decision-making and action and unexpected twists and turns becomes the game of the three performers.

[…] Movement and sound, electrically charged currents, sparks generated as their lines entangle and touch. Sparks that register as details, a hand, eye, or sound.
Otherworldly sound that pierces the space, riding individual waves, caught randomly in the currents and trails of the dancers’ movement.
Constellations, orbits, collisions and pathways.
A world of distinct bodies launched into space as lines of force and influence, flickering, diffusing and dying, like a dance that has always been there. […]
- Carolyn Roy, London -

Choreography and dance: Bettina Neuhaus, Ursula Sabatin
Electronics: Richard Scott
Technique: Martin Beck
Production: Tanzufer
Premiered at Chapelle Batschuns, November 9, 2014
Photos: Melanie Büchel
Further performances: Enquiry Within as part of Open Clusters, curated by Agony Art, July 15, 2015, Chisenhale, London.
Supported by Arts Council and Chisenhale Dance Space

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