A performance with passionate physicality of moving bodies and sound, housed in a space that exposes its raw and bare body.  

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Unda (lat.): the wave, the surge, the water, the body of water, the current.

UNDA is designed for spaces in interim use like factory buildings, workshops or industrial spaces that are in the state between 'having been' and 'becoming'.
As the specific acoustics of each space and the material of its boundaries, may it be brick, wood, glass or steel, are used in the compositional choices of the 3 performers, something of the ‘personality’ and original purpose of the space echoes through movement and sound into the piece. The space in turn becomes a spatial body, a habitat for movement and sound and the interplay of dance and music.

Choreography, dance: Gianna Grünig, Bettina Neuhaus
Percussion: Julian Sartorius
Camera: Selin Dettwiler / Hasan Nakhleh
Trailer: Selin Dettwiler
Photos: Lotta Studer / Max Grünig

Performances: Workshop Geiser, Bern, February 26, 2023; Rotes Haus, Luzern, November 1, 2023.

With the generous support of Luzern Plus, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Luzern, Fuka-Fonds Stadt Luzern, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS