Vapour Sketches celebrates the presence and power of the immaterial world that is housed in the flesh, blood and bones of our tangible bodies and our material surroundings.

It embraces the body as a vessel for the stream of information, knowledge and images transmitted through the vibrations and flows of energy that moves through and between us.  Vapour Sketches addresses the enigma of dancing as a journey of ongoing transformation that takes us into unforeseen states of being and places.

Concept, dance: Eva Karczag, Bettina Neuhaus, Light: Asier Solana
Premiered at Dock 11, August 9, 2015 as part of the ‘Short Residency’ at Improvisation Xchange Berlin, platform and festival for improvised performance
Supported by Improvisation Xchange Berlin
Photos: Luca Stratolino
Further performances: Espace Saint Mengold, Huy, November 9, 2018
On invitation by the Cultural Centers of Engis and the Arrondissement of Huy.
With the support of the Province of Liège – Department of Culture, the Ferdation Wallonia-Brussels and the Hungarian Cultural Institute Brussels and the support of the Honorary Consul General of the Netherlands for the provinces of Liège, Namur and Luxembourg.
Further performances: Beekdal Lyceum Arnhem, March 21, 2019