My classes address the development and refinement of both one’s individual movement language and one’s skills in composing and performing pieces in real time.

Making solos, duets and group pieces challenges the dancer to listen, make, read and edit in different ways in order to serve the unfolding piece. Composing in these configurations stimulates the different lenses of perception and allows one’s compositional abilities and understanding to evolve.

Dancing with others becomes an act of shared learning and relational participation in which knowledge and abilities travel between one individual and another. In this open source setting the work is propelled forward and the emerging material can evolve as dance pieces.

Above all I aim to provide dancers with specific tools as a way to learn how to use their body and mind and to navigate the development of their own work.

My teaching also draws on the insights I’ve gained from other art forms and fields such as anthropology, ecology and science as a way to experience and appreciate the power of dancing within a wider context.