In Plot the performers, 4 dancers and 3 musicians generate and craft sound- and movement material specifically linked to the architectural elements of the space.

As they are composing they are committed to the idea, that there is an 'invisible plan' and dramaturgy already present in the unfolding piece. The audience is invited to move in the space and to be both viewer and a physical presence within the work.

Concept, direction: Bettina Neuhaus, Ursula Sabatin
Choreography and dance: Paolo Cingolani, Bettina Neuhaus, Blaise Powell, Ursula Sabatin
Music: parak.eets (Emilio Gordoa, Richard Scott, Ute Wassermann)
Light and sound: Haig Avedikan, Martin Beck / Technik für Kunst und Kulturprojekte
Special thanks to Hannes Speckle
Durational Performance
Haus 2226 baumschlager eberle Lustenau / Austria
Light Installation and Tableau: Keith Sonnier, Judy Ledergwood
Production: Tanzufer

Further performances: October 22, 2016 Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mime Centrum Berlin as part of the performance serie 60_minutes curated by Jagna Anderson
Co-produced with Impro.Per.Arts

Watch it on Vimeo
Watch it on Vimeo
Watch it on Vimeo