A lecture demonstration about the interrelatedness of perception, imagination and poetic imagery and their role in dancing and composing.

Performative elements and lecture alternate with moments when the audience is invited to participate in body-work, moving and creative writing. Through engaging in active listening, seeing, touching and moving they experience different facets of the phenomenon of ‘imagination’ and ‘imagery’ for themselves.
The Unfolding Image presents observations, questions and propositions rather than delivering a linear series of facts and information.

Concept and performance: Bettina Neuhaus
Premiered at ImproXchange Festival Berlin, platform and festival for improvised performance, July 20, 2013
Further performances: Tanzufer Bregenz, December 1, 2013, VielfaltenFestival Ludwigsburg, April 18, 2015, m.a. Studio Rieden, September 16, 2015, University of Applied Science Emden/Leer, October 10, 2016
Photos: photo stills of video by Joan Trellu