I have been developing an ongoing interest in an outdoor practice focusing on our connection to earth, air, water and vegetation since 2010.

ArboReal was commissioned in autumn 2020 as part of Vanessa Grasse's The Land We Are project, produced and mentored by her and supported by Arts Council England.

I worked in the mountains of the Swiss Grisons at 2000m-2300m altitude with larches and cembra pines some of which were hundreds of years old. This was a significant moment of shaping my outdoor practice through focusing the vibrant field of communication and action that can emerge from within our relationship with trees.

Within my research I used moving, drawing, audio-recording and photography and developed a series of scores of which the 4 Tree Scores for a Woodland Walk can be downloaded here:

Score 1: Arriving – Encountering– Engaging (PDF)
Score 2: Tree Dialogue (PDF)
Score 3: Rhythms of Materiality (PDF)
Score 4: Tree Blanket (PDF)
Practical information for all 4 scores (PDF)

The scores can be done in parks, woodlands and nature reserves. In order to enjoy them fully please read the practical information beforehand.

Idea, concept: Bettina Neuhaus
Photos: Bettina Neuhaus