I am an independent dance artist, teacher, mentor and healing practitioner based in Amsterdam, active in the field of performance and theatre for 30 years.

In my work I seek to develop the moving body as a vessel for our aliveness, humanness and interconnectivity through which we can engage our collaborative intelligence and build shared ground and understanding.

I create dance performances and performative installations collaborating with dancers, musicians, visual artists and light designers from all over the world.

I give classes and workshops in Dancing & Making , Skinner Releasing Technique™ and my movement practice in natural environments.

As a qualified healing practitioner, I offer healing sessions using the Intelligenz des Lebens® Heilweisen and the Divine Plan Healing System.

If my work resonates with you and you feel an attraction to collaborate, join my classes or work individually with me, book a performance, host a workshop or receive a healing session please send me an email.  I’m always happy to discuss what I can bring to you.

Upcoming Events & News

Fields of Belonging

// Karlsruhe

Outdoor Workshop

This workshop in the wilder areas of the Oberwald in Karlsruhe offers a movement practice among trees, forest paths and vast meadows to open our senses and (re)connect to the natural environment we belong to. We will work individually, with a partner and the group and capture our experiences through poetic writing at the end of each day.


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Tout est Rhythme

// Engis

Workshop Dancing & Making

Battements de cœur, respiration, marche, sons, forme d'un objet ou d'un bâtiment, le rythme peut être ressenti partout… Cet atelier se penche sur le rythme en tant qu'élément central de la danse et la composition.

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Looking back on 5 rehearsal days in Brno


For The Page, a performance of poetic writing in dance, sound and words by Roberta Legros Stepankova and Bettina Neuhaus in collaboration with sound artist Matthieu Legros.

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Looking back on Becoming the Dancing


Looking back on Becoming the Dancing on 3 &4 April 2022, the very first workshop Skinner Releasing Technique™ & Instant Composition that I’ve been teaching in Brno/CZ, generously organized by Roberta Legros Stepankova.

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